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Happy New Year 2018

Well hello and a Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you had a great Christmas and that you are raring to get started on all your new projects.I find at this time of year that I really want to try something new and for me that has been wood carving.  I know, it sounds a bit weird but I have got so involved you wouldn’t believe it.  I bought a knife just before Christmas following a visit to a wood turning festival held at Harrogate.  I also bought loads of carving tools which were all antiques which are brilliant.  They feel so smooth I suppose because of the use they have had from previous owners.  Anyway I started off making a spoon out of some old wood left in the garage.  Little did I know that you have to use specific wood for food use and so that one just became a sample piece.  Whilst I’ve been off I thought I would have another go and am now making a spatula.  Some of you might think it is a lot of trouble to go to for such a mundane thing that you could buy whilst doing your supermarket shop at a fraction of the cost that the piece of wood has cost, but the pleasure this new craft is giving me and the satisfaction of producing something that is totally unique outweighs the expense.  I think you can say that of most crafts.  It’s the doing that is worth the time and effort it takes to make something that no one else in the world processes.



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